One sided news media??????

I am constantly hearing people complain about the news media. I personally think that our journalists could use some work, but who am I? The people I hear complaining keep saying that if a Republican does anything stupid they immediately put it on the news and make it top priority. On the other hand, if a Democrat does something…like what is going on now…it is kind of made light of. I think if you are going to take on the role of a ” News Reporter” you should be just that. You should not think your title is a “Personal Crusader for the world.”  Just sticking to the facts when it applies to EVERYONE is the way to go. Being selective is going back in time. We need to be more dignified….not more STUPID!!!

And no…I am not just saying this because you think I am a Republican…I personally chose my candidate on their qualifications NOT their political party!!!

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  1. Actually a study was done recently that showed that Barack Obama has received significantly more negative press than McCain. You can see the news report here:

  2. I agree, absolutely! Many journalists write so they can shape the news, not report the news. We all have to decide what’s newsworthy, but this election has shown that a lot of newsworthy facts and observations get swept under the rug. For example, few newspapers and television stations reported that many of the people who came to see Obama in Germany had come to see FREE performances of two very popular German bands. There were also brats and beer. Now, who wouldn’t want to be there for that! But the news made it sound as if the young Germans just showed up to see Obama. Many probably were curious or even wanted to see him, but many wouldn’t have made the effort just for a speech. McCain has mostly gotten a pass on leaving his physcally hurt (auto accident) first wife for his much younger, much richer second wife.

  3. I have a problem with ” studies.: Who conducted them? What was involved? What were the factors used to determine the outcome of the study? I like to base my decisions on more than “one” study. Thank you for your comment. Obama has some good points, I believe.

  4. Catherine…Thank you for your comments! Thanks for your support.

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