Blogging is a waste???????

You know, from what I can tell….blogging may not be all it is made out to be. I mean I have really been spending crazy hours trying to be entertaining, and for what? I guess you all can say it is good for the soul to let out some stuff that is bothering, but who besides you even cares? I thought I would do all this stuff to have some fun, and now it is more like a job!!! Are you guys even interested in what Doraz has to say OR would you rather she just SHUT UP???? I am not totally ready to close up shop, but it may be getting close. What motivates you guys to continue???????i

2 Responses

  1. For me, it’s because I keep thinking of stuff to say, and I enjoy the challenge of transferring thoughts to writing.

    Here’s something I wrote about writing on the internet:

    Try googling “blogging,” for the tips and opinions of other bloggers.

    I hope you don’t quit. Blogging really is good for more than just unburdening yourself or being entertaining.

    I wish you the very best of luck.

  2. Thanks Vonnia…I really needed to hear from you! You are very talented. Thanks for the pointers. Best of luck to you also!

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