What’s that smell…me???????

So far in my life, I have not lost my sense of smell. I just love what it smells like outside after it rains. I just love to smell the roses in my garden. When I am out somewhere and I pass restuarants, I love to smell what is cooking. I actually can hear my stomach growling!
Now. what I hate to smell is body odor on me or on other people in public places, besides a gym…of course. I was at a bank standing in line the other day and I got a wiff that almost gave me tears. I am thinking…”Is it me????” I immediately hold my arms tight and wait my turn. Then as I am moving foward towards the person in front of me, I almost faint!!. I can not tell you how horrible that poor person smelt! They were dressed professionally, otherwise I would not be saying anything. I was just wondering why they could not smell themselves! I looked around and actually saw tears in the eyes of other people!!!

So, I guess I just want to say…Please be considerate of others when you are out in public places. At home, I do not care what you want to smell like!!!I mean, do you guys think I am making a big deal out of this???

Believe in Yourself,



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  1. HA! HA! HA…Luisa, I enjoy the way you write so honest and humorous. I’m glad you brought this up! All my life I’ve struggled with halitosis, and I believe it’s hereditary, because other family members have the same condition. Growing up I can remember friends that had a certain odor about them, because of their diet [I’m sure we did!]. They were our friends and we loved them, but would privately joke about them. Sometimes our lives are so busy that we forget to take care of personal hygiene. This is an important point that Luisa has brought to our attention and we should make the effort to be more conscious of personal hygiene, especially here in America…it’s a cultural thing! But, as adults, I think we should be kind when trying to get the point across.

    To your Health!


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