Be Real!


I want to get out some stuff about being able to just admit things!!! Enough is enough! I believe that if a person is able to admit some things to themselves and others, it really makes you feel like you just lost 10 pounds!! Who would not want to lose ten pounds quick?
I believe that if you feel that what you have to say is your honest interpretation of what really went down, then just admit it .You have to stick with just the basics. Either it is right or it is wrong. Sorry, in my book, there is no singing a song about it! (You all know what I mean by that!)
Let me give you an example, ok? You are dating someone who is ok but, you are not head over heels in love with them. They treat you well and like to make you feel special. They go out of their way to do anything for you that makes you happy. You ,on the other hand , think that you will go crazy soon if this person does not stop bothering you. You try all the tactics you can to get this person to leave you alone, but they just don’t get it.
Well, why don’t you just try admitting to yourself that maybe honesty is the best way to go! You need to handle it gently cause you do not want to hurt the other persons feelings, but you just gotta do it. Admit to yourself that being honest is the way to go and see what happens.
Now, if you do your best and the other person is still just not getting it, then I guess…. you could always get a restraining order! On the other hand, things might just work out great, right?

Believe in yourself,



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  1. I was in a relationship once with the exact situation. I got some counseling with my girlfriend, and we agreed to dissolve the relationship. We are still good friends.

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